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Magic is just science we don’t understand.

Sometimes we forget every mysterious thing was considered magic before we learned the truth. These natural properties of the earth, the universe, time and space continue to fascinate us, too. And the quest into the greatest mystery of all, the shared human condition, is one we’re compelled to continue. Because we know it’s where we’ll one day learn the truth of our own existence.

There’s a reason we call the association of letters in words spelling, you know. Writing casts spells. We don’t want to know the secret of how it works, either. We crave the illusion, want the thrill of not understanding it. We’re not so sophisticated that we’ve outgrown it. Not just yet. So even now, sharing speculation through story about the confounding forces that created and drive us remains a magic of the highest order.

JD Stanley is a fantasy and speculative fiction writer with a rabid interest in the magic of science and a preternatural curiosity about human interaction. The intersection of positive and negative energy, light and dark, collides in villains you love to hate and anti-heroes who drag their heels to do the right thing. Played-out against history, myth and scientific speculation, the quest into those unseen forces that drive the human condition is ventured with a magic wand in one hand and multiverse theory in the other.

JD is also co-executive producer/screenwriter, webmaster and “corporate boring stuff guy” for the independent film promotion and production company, Bony Fiddle.

My Quotes

Learn the grammar rules. You can’t fudge those, they are what they are. Editors and publishers know them. Learn them. — JD Stanley —
If you can’t ensure all the unstable, megalomaniac immortal trouble-makers you’ve gone to the trouble to remove from the world stay in a place where they can’t get into your business again, then what’s left? - Blood Runner — J.D. Stanley —
It was magic, the oldest magic of all when day became night, gods working in tandem, and I gave it the full benefit of my witness for the singular wonder it was. - Blood Runner — J.D. Stanley —
I was on the ground before I knew what happened with the wolf standing over me, staring hard into my eyes. - Blood Runner — J.D. Stanley —
Learn the grammar rules. You can’t fudge those, they are what they are. Editors and publishers know them. Learn them. — J.D. Stanley —
I didn’t feel well. Confession is supposed to be good for the soul, but then I had none so all it brought me was disquiet." ~Blood Runner — J.D. Stanley —
Times are bad. Children no longer obey their parents, and everyone is writing a book. — Marcus Tullius Cicero —
If we are not ashamed to think it, we should not be ashamed to say it. — Marcus Tullius Cicero —
It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves. — William Shakespeare —
Study people - how they move, their mannerisms, their facial expressions, their reactions. It all adds to your personal store to draw on. — JD Stanley —

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